An Opportunity to Do What is Both Right and Fiscally Sound

In politics, as in much of life, it is common to have to decide between what is right and what is easy. Usually the just and morally preferable option is also the difficult and expensive one, and the unjust and damaging option is cheap and easy.


Drivel lives!

I discovered today that the GTK blogging client Drivel is apparently seeing active development again. Nifty!



Statelessness and the repeal of the 14th Amendment

The other day while discussing the latest racist proposals out of the Republican party, I pointed out that repeal of the 14th Amendment would create an increase in stateless persons. My dad did not believe this, so here is a list of situations that, to the best of my knowledge after a night's Googling, would result in a stateless person within the United States if the parents were immigrants to the US from the named countries (legally or not) and the child was born here:


My Review of Bending Branches Sun Shadow 14 Bent Shaft Paddle

REIWell-balanced and beautiful, this paddle features a 14-degree bent shaft for maximum paddling efficiency.Bending Branches Sun Shadow 14 Bent Shaft PaddleAn excellent paddle tonyyarusso Shoreview, MN 6/23/2009 5 5Gift: YesPros: Lightweight, Minimizes Fatigue, Comfortable ShaftBest Uses: TouringDescribe Yourself: RecreationalMy

ACKing KompoZer brokenness in Ubuntu 8.10

Okay, for everyone out there who has been frustratingly reporting that KompoZer is broken in various ways in Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex", I just wanted to say, I know. That said, I do not know why or how to fix it. So, here's a little background and explanation of where things stand.



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