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Links for 25 July 2007

Reporter arrested

While in an earlier post I discussed misconceptions about things that aren't actually covered under First Amendment protections, that's not to say there aren't things that are actually covered. Imagine that. That said, while IANAL, I'm pretty sure this is the sort of thing that's not supposed to happen still.

More info from Google, and Google News.


Apparently I’m a terrorist

So says the FBI. I'm amused.

Categories I fit:

  • Make numerous references to US Constitution
  • Participated in something with a rank-like structure
  • Would consider myself a defender of the Constitution
  • Would request proof of authority if a search or seizure of my property or person was demanded
  • Support accountability for police departments
  • Am a lone individual (um, duh?)
  • Conceivably have access to chemical or biological agents that could be used as weapons

Are you a terrorist?
Read more at Homeland Stupidity


I own a hammer

I also know how to make maps. In fact, I have been known to instruct others on how to make and use accurate maps.

I also collaborate with others over the internet for my projects on a regular basis.

You may take me away now.


What free speech isn't

I've seen a number of instances of people throwing the phrase "free speech" around more loosely than an AOLer with "LOL". While it's great that the concept receives so much attention, it seems that it is getting more and more of the wrong kind of attention, which could cheapen the idea and confuse the populace to the point of it becoming meaningless as far as its original intention.



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