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Interviewed on NPR

So like we did for 7.10, with the 8.04 release of Ubuntu the Minnesota (USA) LoCo gathered contact information for various local media outlets, and I sent them all a note about the release, Ubuntu itself, and our release party. As a result, I actually got a response, from Jon Gordon of National Public Radio (NPR). Jon hosts a daily segment called Future Tense that covers technology news in bite-size pieces (five minutes or less). He was interested in doing a segment on Ubuntu, so we set up a brief telephone interview, focusing on usability improvements and the ever-common question of "Is it ready for the mainstream?".

Apparently it went well, as he decided to run it, so without further ado I'm happy to announce that I was on the radio, talking about Ubuntu! So, I got the double-whammy of getting myself personally on the news, plus getting an Ubuntu story in mainstream media (and a quite large, respected outlet of such at that). Nifty.

For those living in the United States, it was aired alongside the re-broadcast of the CBC program As It Happens. For those living elsewhere and everyone who didn't happen to be tuned in at the time, the segment is available from the Future Tense archives, so go check it out!



Nicely done.

You did a good job! I was on the radio once, and I was stuttering like hell. You talked very fluently *and* managed to bring across the benefits of Ubuntu. My compliments :)

I caught your interview on my way home, and was very happy to hear some Ubuntu information make it on the airwaves. Way to get the message out!

Wow, you're an "Ubuntu activist!" Right on.

Very cool, thanks for doing that!

-Adam Monsen