Biodegradable trail marking tape

Getting lost is never fun. It is inconvenient at best, and dangerous at worst. To counter this, people often mark trails, trailheads, waypoints and hazards with bright orange plastic flagging type or survey tape - tied to bushes. While the plastic is handy and effective, introducing plastic into the environment is a bad idea.

This product is special biodegradable orange trail marking tape. Tie this bright orange ribbon to trees, bushes and objects. It is highly visible and waves in the wind to attract attention.

However, unlike orange plastic tape - this one is biodegradable. It is made of non-woven cellulosic material derived from wood pulp. Use biodegradable ribbon to seasonally mark your campsite or trails. If you forget to remove it, it completely biodegrades.

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Last updated on 12/14/2014 - 16:11
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